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Our company started in 1991 as Midwest Auditing Services, when company President Mark Sutton discovered errors and overcharges on almost every telecommunications bill he reviewed. 

He was confident our new company could provide a valuable service to companies who didn't understand their telecommunications bills. 

Back then most people thought, 'Here's the phone bill. Pay it.' Most companies today still aren't sure if the phone bill is correct.

Over the years, we have noticed that many billing errors occur when telecommunications services are removed but the billing continues. 

Our mission is to identify where companies are being overcharged and where they are entitled to refunds and lower tariffs.

Local carrier exchange billings became our prime target market. Working from the Customer Service Records provided by the phone company listing the USOC codes, Midwest Auditing provides a detailed audit of each line and circuit on the local telephone bill including the feature groups. This type of audit uncovers many billing errors and often results in credits and adjustments for our customers.

Midwest Auditing developed proprietary reports that became Management Reports providing the telecommunications manager with a complete list of services in a particular location.

We have also audited the phone bills for a number of multi-location companies such as Starkey Labs. 

In 1996, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) contracted with us to audit their entire network of telephone lines and circuits.
  This 3-year audit covered territory from Minnesota and Wisconsin south to Texas and West to Washington and California including the states in between. 

The entire network of lines and circuits were identified in this audit. Many that were no longer needed were removed, saving BNSF hundreds of thousand of dollars over the course of several years. We negotiated and secured sizable adjustments and credits from local exchange carriers such as Qwest, Sprint, Southwestern Bell, Pac Bell and many others on behalf of BNSF. To complete the audit, bills and CSRs had to be found for every phone line and circuit.

Our customer list includes companies such as Canadian Pacific Railway, Dayton Hudson, Target, and Northwest Airlines. We've audited telephone services in installations around the United States. 

In addition to auditing local carrier bills, Midwest recovered the payment of erroneous Federal Excise Taxes from the IRS. These were charged on the telecommunications bills of many large companies whose industries were exempt, including railroads and airlines.

Today we continue to apply cost-saving principles to help companies with their telecommunications needs. We are often called on to assist with moves and equipment upgrades. 

From start to finish, Midwest completes the project -  placing the orders for lines, overseeing the installation of new local exchange services in new facilities, assisting in the selection and purchase of telephone equipment. 

Whenever billing issues or technical problems arise, our customers call us first!

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